Imagine yourself at the top of a curving, stone staircase. As you look down you see that each narrow step dips towards its center, each worn concave from the thousands upon thousands of those who have come before. You are holding a brown paper sack. It is somewhat heavy, but…

It’s 3:00 pm and there’s a girl with solid, black hair at the counter.

“So, the haircut is fourteen dollars and a wash is how much? Does that include a blow-dry?”

She sees me behind her, steps back and says, “Oh, you go first. …

Across the alley and up the hill is a dog that stands on the second floor deck of a house and barks. Three short, three long, three short. A dog SOS. Two doors down live the poodles who speak both German and English. Mr. Johnson and his big, old collie…

Carolyn Reed Barritt

I’m an artist who sometimes writes. My artwork is at:

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